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Ice Rink Returns to Downtown Raleigh

Thousands of gallons of water + $20,000 worth of electricity + propylene glycol = A winter wonderland in downtown Raleigh as the ice rink returns. The Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest ice skating rink will be open to downtown visitors until Feb. 1.

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Participation in High School Football Increases Despite Concussion Risk

There are players throughout the United States who are choosing to play football in the face of studies linking concussions with long-term health complications. The number of high school football players in the North Carolina in 2013 was an all-time high of 36,273. The number of players fell from 33,753 in 2006 to 29,546 in 2007, but the number of players jumped more than 6,000 in 2009 and has been above 35,000 each year since.

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Gagliardi Represents Raleigh on International Stage

From Raleigh to Kamloops, British Columbia, Alyssa Gagliardi’s hockey career has taken her from humble beginnings to international competition. Gagliardi, who grew up in Raleigh, was named to Team USA for the Four Nations Cup, an annual women’s tournament that features national teams from Canada, Sweden, Finland and the United States.

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